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Get access to content created specifically for Handmade Product Makers. You'll know exactly what to post in order to attract followers to your website to buy. All in under 5 minutes a day!

YES! I want Content for Makers

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As a Handmade Product Business Owner ... a Gifter - Baker - Crafter - Maker

You know you should be posting daily on social media
and if you do it right, it will result in sales.


You ARE posting regularly - yet no matter what you do,

☹️ you aren't getting orders ☹️

So the frustration and self-doubt keep coming.

Woman hiding in bed
  • What do I post about?
  • Am I using the right images?
  • How do I attract followers?
  • Is anyone even out there?
  • Go live? Not me!

How do you turn this around so you can grow your business?

While you try to figure it out, you continue posting like you always have
because you're thinking,

"Doing something is better than doing nothing."

(Even though you're wasting a lot of time and your frustration builds and builds.)

Want to know the truth?
Woman Working

As a small product based business:

  • You can't do it the same way
    the big brands do.
  • You need to take a different approach.

And this approach works for ANY type of product you make


Baked Goods
Knitted Items
Essential Oils
Gift Baskets

Baby Clothes
Pet Items
Crocheted Pieces
Soup and Dip Mixes
Wedding Cakes

Wooden Displays
Floral Arrangements
Home Decor
And on and on!

((Warning - Some hard honest truth coming))

Big brands have spent millions of dollars becoming a recognized name.

When you see their social media posts, you already know them and have an association with their products. (good or bad)

When YOU post, sorry to say, the whole world doesn't know you ... YET!
That's why you need a different plan.

Learn the right way to post & WHAT to post to attract loyal followers with

Content for Makers


Number 1

Content that ATTRACTS INTEREST and curiousity in you and your products.

Number 2

Content that BUILDS A RELATIONSHIP so followers feel comfortable, trust and want to order from you.

Number 3

Content that leads to SUPPORT & SALES with your customers buying again and recommending you to others.

Content for Makers is designed specifically for handmade product makers who don't have the time to figure out what to post and how to make social media a growth mechanism for their business.

Get 375 Days of Content PLUS a Plan Now!

Immediate access right now for only $27

Imagine getting your social media posting done in just 5 minutes a day and seeing activity on the other side of the screen because people are now WATCHING, FOLLOWING AND BUYING from you!

Anna Palanska

"I love it! Gives step by step instruction on how to strategize postings and a clear roadmap of what to post and how to post."

Anna Palanska
Brownie's Gourmet Bikkies

Crissy Egerton

"This is awesome. I can't wait to execute it in our business. To have forms to use to plan it all out will be a great asset."

Crissy Egerton
On Cloud Wine

Arlene Nyland

"Chock full of information. I had no idea about the layering of hashtags to drive customers to one's business page. At $27, it's a steal!"

Arlene Nyland
Neens Soaps







  • BONUS #1
    The BAKE Method - a proprietary strategic planning system only available here.
    (a $97 value)
  • BONUS #2
    A Planning Calendar for the current year to accompany the BAKE Method.
    (a $27 value)
  • BONUS #3
    375 days of Image Ideas to
    go with the post content.
    (a $157 value)
  • BONUS #4
    How to Choose and Use Hashtags. A video and downloadable worksheet.
    (a $197 value)

  • BONUS #5
    Resource Guide. The exact
    tools I use so you don't have to go searching. (a $47 value)
  • BONUS #6
    Special Bonus that is
    revealed once you're inside
    Content for Makers. (Priceless)

All these BONUSES including the 375 Days of Content Prompts (a $197 value) totals a combined value of

$722 that can be yours for only $27!

Buy Once - Apply the Strategy and Content Year after Year!

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Starting tomorrow you could be ...

aking a photo on an iphone
  • RELIEVED that you finally have a new plan that's completely different from what you've done before.
  • PROUD of the quality of content you're using to represent your business and products.
  • CALM because you've freed up time that can now be used for other things. Maybe even alittle time for yourself.
  • ENERGIZED about this new direction and it's potential for new followers and sales.
  • HAPPY because the Content for Makers system is fun and playful while still being easy and professional.

"Changed the way I think about being relevant on social media. I realize it's a mindset. It's more than just listing items for purchase and the price."

Kim Terrill
Baileysville Bake Shop

"I was able to easily integrate what I learned into my Google calendar saving me HOURS of planning & time. And as soon as I began implementing, I got results!"

Anita Housman
Treasured Touch

Sue Monhait - Oval

Hi there, I'm Sue

I've been in product sales and marketing for over 30 years. I've worked with hundreds of brands from McDonalds, Kohl's and Pizza Hut - to small businesses selling all types of products in shops and online.

Today I run two businesses, one is product based and the other is coaching to handmade product makers ... helping start and grow their businesses.

A short time back, I asked our members what they needed help with most. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when the overwhelming answer was - making social media work!

Listening to my clients and customers - that's why Content for Makers exists. And isn't it funny that THIS is one critical element of the plan!

Works for all platforms
Lydia Cox

Every day at breakfast I sat with my planner open with the word "Post" staring up at me. Some days, I just never did post anything. Now, I have a calendar, a list of prompts and instruction on how to do it effectively. It's so freeing, I could cry!

Lydia Cox, Yarnology

Content for Makers

Content for Makers Screens

I know the feeling of defeat when you've put so much of yourself into posting and you get ... silence on the other end.

You start to wonder if the stories you hear about social media bringing in business are all lies ... 'cuz you're definitely not seeing it.

How much longer do you really want to go doing this they way you have ... only to see the same results - nothing?

It's time to make a change.


The Content for Makers program including all the BONUSES will be a game-changer for you as a handmade product maker.

I'm confident that when you follow this plan, your daily life will change. You'll be deliberate with your activities and begin communicating with your prospects and customers in a whole new way.

But if, for any reason, you don't feel this is for you, let me know within 5 days of your purchase and I'll reimburse you - no questions asked.


When can I get started?

Right away! You will get immediate access to all the materials included in Content for Makers as soon as you purchase the program.  

What if I'm new to social media?

You can use this content whether you are a beginner or an advanced user of social.  

What platforms is this for?

The content prompts and image ideas can be applied to any platform. When it comes to hashtags, each platform has guidelines about the number of hashtags allowed. But the selection of your perfect hashtags is the same.

How do I know if this content is right for me?

This information is developed specifically for handmade product business owners. So if you are making and selling your own products, it's a perfect match.  

Is this a monthly subscription?

No. This is a one time purchase. You get everything described in Content for Makers for just $27.

What's your refund policy?

If you decide this is not a fit for you, email me within 5 days of your purchase and you will be refunded - no questions asked.  

Amy Freierman

As the daughter of makers, I've seen the struggle first hand. As part of this offer, you receive a step-by-step method that you can follow each and every time you create new content. If that's not enough, the 375 prompts will get your creative wheels turning. So much gold packed in this one.

Amy Feierman, The Offer Roadmap

Me again. Amy's right - see her comment above.

I know YOU KNOW the struggle is real. You're probably feeling it each and every day. Or you've just given up on social altogether.

The importance is evident through my podcasts too. For 6 years now I've been on air with Gift Biz Unwrapped and the episodes that are listened to over and over are the ones talking about social media in one form or another.

Sue Monhait - Gift Biz Unwrapped

I don't need more signs to know that the time is now for Content for Makers. And I look forward to hearing from you about how using this system has brought fresh air into your days and new followers and customers into your circle.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at But seriously, just get moving forward and grab Content for Makers now. What's the risk at $27? If's far worse if you do nothing.

Can't wait to see you inside! Sue