"I made a paper flower wreath for my daughter-in-laws for their wedding showers. They also saved them to hang again for their First Anniversary (paper). I've also made them for friend's daughters! I recently had one of them send me a pic of hers that she still hangs on her nightstand. She said she loved it. It made me feel valued ..."

- Diane Behnen

"My favorite handmade gift was given to me when I was 7. My late mother game me a dollhouse with handmade dolls, food she crafted out of polymer clay, and furniture she built all to look like Little House on the Prairie. I no longer have the house but I have all the pieces that she made - down to the accurate, handstuffed feather bed mattresses ... I still love it."

- Sarah McBridge Wagner

"I learned leather craft as a kid as a 4-H project. Certainly remember setting around the kitchen table with my besties, learning from their mother. We giggled and joked as we just kept hammering out our coasters or whatever was our project for the year. For me it evolved into a hoby that stuck adn a side business. Still love giggling with those girls."

- Molly Armstrong

"My mother made my halloween costumes. I treasure all of them (even the ones that don't fit any more!), but my favourite was a beautiful medieval gown with a crushed velvet cape. She used a pair of old curtains for the cape, transforming an (admittedly ugly) piece of fabric into a sweeping overgown with dagged sleeves and hand-embroidered celtic knots. It's my favourite accessory."

- FlitterMouse Artwork & Oddities

"I have a beautiful handmade quilt that two of my dad's sisters made me for my wedding in 1984. I had it on my bed for many years and then moved iit to the family room and kept it over the back of the couch for snuggle up when watching TV. Unfortunately I didn't realize that the sun beating down on it for a couple of years would make the material start to deteriorate so now it's put aside and unused but I still cherish it. "

- Deana Fisher

"My handmade treasure is a Christmas tree skirt that my grandmother made. It is a combination of embroidery and needlepoint. I use it every Christmas and treasure it always. She was very creative and I've been told I do many things like her."

- Catherine Tatum

"When I was a girl, my mom used to make a lot of crafts and she made me my very own cloth doll. She made it to look like me. It had brown yarn hair, blue eyes and a sweet little nose and lips ironed on. My mom also made a dress for the doll to wear which was so pretty! I called the doll Bethany - which is what I would have been named if I hadn't been named Heidi.

I took her everywhere with me. She was my best friend and I loved her dearly. When I think about the doll now, I see the craftsmanship that went into creating this special friend."

- Heidi

"A handmade memory happened in 2004 where I purchased garbage cans, decorated and filled them with gifts for Mother's Day and presented to the mothers of the church. It took a lot of planning."

- Judy Wright

"Every year, the most precious memories are the handmade ornaments I received that my kids made and we place on our holiday tree. Today, they are 26 and 22 and these childhood memories are the visual reminders that family is everything and that their childhood days flew by way too fast for us. When we place them on the tree each year, they're such a warm reminder of the unconditional love that went into making them from the innocence of a child and still remains today."

- Anita Housman

"When I was about 5 or 6, my mom would always bake cookies or pies for my sisters and I for an after school snack. Well she wanted to try her hand at candy and we pulled taffy for hours and then we cut it up and wrapped them. For a whole week when ever someone would come over I would give them a piece to try. I was so happy I was able to help make it with her. Best time ever!"

- Iesha Wesley

"My handmade and crafting memories are all tied up with my Grandma Russell. My mother always reminds me that when I was very small, a button fell of my shirt, and I said, 'Well, grandma can fix it when she comes to visit. Grandma always had a bag of knitting or crochet full of tiny baby sweaters for charities, insisted all of us girls (and my brother) had to learn basic sewing skills, taught me to crochet and helped me make my first quilt when I was twelve. My Sunbonnet Sue quilt hand in honor in my hallway."

- Lydia Cox

"I have the best memories of my grandmother and crafting. She was always doing the most amazing things. But my favorite memory is of going with her to Decoupage classes and doing beautiful crafting. I fell in love that day, not just with crafting, but with Decoupage and now my favorite form of art is collaging and journaling. Bonus, I have my grandmother in my heart and mind any time I pick up a brush and paper. "

- Monica Fay

"Your memory goes here."


"Your memory goes here."


"I do craft classes to bring happiness to the ladies and some of our men in our senior living apartments. Especially during this COVID time, many of them had to be isolated to their apartments for many months. This last month, along with some other ladies, I put together a holiday craft fair and an evening get together for each one to bring an ornament and decorate the Christmas tree in our club house to again bring up their spirits. There is nothing more wonderful than to see happiness on their faces. "

- Kris Shirley

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- XX

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