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Gift Biz Breeze Facebook Group

Are you thinking of turning your hobby into a business but not sure how to get started?

Is your existing business doing okay but you want more sales?

Share and learn as we come together to inspire and motivate each other in the world of small business gifting, baking, crafting, and making!

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"There is something more special about Gift Biz Breeze and its focus on handcrafted products ... having a resource like this group with so many creative females is refreshing!"

— Amy Hughes, CEO of Marshmallow MBA 

"As a small gifting business, I appreciate the professional vibe and regularly posted actionable tips. This makes it one online group that is a must for veteran and aspiring business owners."

— Kim Minnix, Owner of Razzmatazz Gift Boutique 

"I love being a part of the Gift Biz Breeze group because it's full of other business owners who share my passion for making and creativity. The group & Sue have been a great support."

— Cydni Mitchell, Founder of Sugar Coin Academy