You've seen other handmade makers start businesses and it's got you thinking, "Why not me?"

Maybe you've already had confirmation of the value of your products too. Friends and family have told you how fabulous they are and suggested that you should be selling them. 

And when you look at others making a product like yours, you know your style and quality is just as good, if not better than theirs. (OK - that's our little secret.)

You may also have heard that the popularity of handmade continues to grow. The latest published numbers for Etsy sales show an increase of 23.7% year over year (excluding face masks). And active buyers on the marketplace increased by 37.8%! (Source: PRNewswire & Etsy)

Handmade product sales are hot and rising!

It's already rewarding to spend time on your craft or hobby. It fulfills you and is your "happy place".

Making money from your creative skills will also allow you to:

Whether it's to stay home with the children or to have time for yoga and lunch with the girls ... being in control of your time is priceless.

There's nothing like it when someone tells you how much they love what you've created. Knowing that it enriches someone's life with a healthier alternative, adds to a special dinner party, or makes a room more welcoming, brings as much joy to you as it does to your customers. 

When you recognize its value and price your products for what they're worth, along with knowing how to sell them to loyal customers who buy over and over, you see the path to continued financial growth with meaningful work.

EARN A PART OR FULL TIME SALARY The choice becomes yours. No more feeling unappreciated and controlled by someone else's agenda. When you steer your own ship, the possibilities are endless. 

Perhaps as your heart lit up with the idea, you started seriously thinking about your own company. 

Maybe you've already brainstormed names, thought about what your website would look like and envisioned life with that extra income.

Or possibly you've even semi-started ... sold to friends and taken orders in exchange for money. In doing so, you've built up inventory and made samples that will be useful when you take photos for your future website.

Even with all this activity, after time ... like most potential maker business owners ... you stalled out. You're watching from the sidelines as others form businesses while you stay stagnant.


Without step by step direction, starting a business can become overwhelming. There are so many things to do and your mind starts questioning, "Is there an order to all of this?" or "What if I miss something?"

All the questions start flooding in about how to build a website, which social media platforms to use, and how to attract customers in the first place.


When you're already leading a busy life, including children, a 9-5 job or both - where do you find the time to figure out how to start ... much less work in the business?

Then as you think and consider, it feels like an insurmountable feat and you wonder where you got such a crazy idea in the first place.

This stops many dreamers in their tracks. But guess what?! That leaves opportunitity open for you when you push past this sticking point.

It's critical, however, that you get it right the first time out so you don't waste precious time and money trying to do this right.


If you've started your business and aren't seeing the results you expected, don't despair! It's not too late to fill in the gaps and reignite your vision of a profitable business.

There's still time to avoid the devastating mistakes other business owners make that forces them to close their doors.



When opening a business most people jump directly to what they see and know as a consumer. They decide on a name and get busy making product to sell. 

However, there are critical steps to take before this, that pave the way for a solid business foundation. When they're missed, the business struggles to attract customers and becomes known as just another cupcake shop or jewelry maker without distinction.

The steps aren't hard and don't need to take a lot of time, but skipping them weakens your potential right from the start.


I'm sure you've seen businesses where buyers form lines at a booth or walk out of the store with purchases all day long. Then the next thing you know, they're declaring bankruptcy. How can that be?

If products aren't priced right, you can sell and sell but never make money to stay afloat. It comes down to including all the important elements in the price. For makers, accounting for your production time is one of several categories often overlooked.

Pricing will make or break a business quickly. But when it's done correctly, a new business will take off in no time!


Another unique challenge for makers is that the more you sell, the more work you've made for yourself and your team (if you've grown to the point where you have one.) 

Throughout the day, it's so easy to be busy but not with the real things that move the business forward. There is a definite order to starting a business properly and then tackling the critical tasks necessary to see growth.

Knowing what's real and important will allow you to enjoy your newfound freedom and flexibility while running a thriving business. 


Putting up an Etsy shop, starting a business Facebook page or opening the doors to a brick and mortar shop doesn't guarantee that customers will find you. 

Let's face it. The playing field gets more crowded all the time. New businesses open every day tempting your customers to "try them out".

Having an intentional system in place with multiple strategies and sales platforms is the way to ensure you'll have continual "new eyeballs" on your products and repeat orders every week. 

I'll share with you Something Most People Don't Know

Even though hundreds of businesses start up each month, 8 in 10 will close within the first year and a half. 

The truth is, there is a very specific order in which a profitable business should be started to be stable and profitable.

Missed steps is like a house crumbling because it was built without a solid foundation. Or a mikshake being tossed in the trash because it didn't include a very basic ingredient - the ice cream. 

Starting your business can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. Seeing the joy your products bring to others and having the satisfaction in knowing you can continue to do what you love for years to come is worth millions. 

The key to all this is knowing and following the right steps.

That's what I will guide you through so you can
create your ultimate dream business. 

The STEP BY STEP business development program, created specifically for makers, to start and grow your profitable business.

I've taken everything I've learned from working closely behind-the-scenes with hundreds of boutique shops and large brands, as well as my experience starting two of my own businesses, to develop this program that not only teaches you how to start a strong profitable business but also supports you through the entire lifetime of your business.

You'll learn the order and importance of each step. Additionally you'll get help and direction as you face choices so you can make the right decisions for you. AND, you'll have a resource that you can come back to as you adjust and grow into the future.

Makers MBA is available to you for the lifetime of your business.

The end result: You'll have a business that is created with all the important elements necessary to be profitable for years.

Addresses all the critical setup elements  

One by one learn about and check off the tasks that should be completed to create a solid business foundation. You'll discover what others miss and you'll be positioned perfectly for profitability. If you're already up and running there's still time to back fill things you may have missed.

Consists of highly targeted actions that get results in the least amount of time  

We focus on what needs to be done and when. No filler and time wasters. No more researching what you need to do next and worrying if it's the right thing. Just follow the steps and add in what you do best. Your creativity is what makes your business truly your own and stand out.

Teaches the methods proven to attract new business like a magnet  

Always the biggest topic for both new and established businesses. People work SO HARD to do this when actually, the answer is very simple. We work through what this means for you. Honestly, it's the basis for everything running smoothly throughout the life of your business.

"I got SO much more than I expected!  Taking a course in which the instructor (Sue) genuinely cares about our long-term success was a breath of fresh air!  I never expected her to work so closely with us to develop and grow OUR businesses in the way she does. Her extensive knowledge, presentation, and delivery of information, along with her constant support and honest feedback completely exceeded my expectations. I also loved the format and interaction with others – it really helped me grow!"

Cathy Smith, Lavender Rhapsody LLC

MMBA Module One

We'll begin by getting clear on your dream and ultimate goals for starting a business.

MMBA Module 2

You'll learn about and uncover your Unique Special Power or Powers!

MMBA Module Three

This one is so fun but you want think it through to do it right! Creativity time.

MMBA Module Four

Get this in place; business registration, insurance review, and an accounting plan.

MMBA Module Five

What's required for your office setup to reach your maximum selling potential.

MMBA Module 6

The factors that go into pricing your products for retail and wholesale.

MMBA Module 7

Set up your ecommerce site(s) with all the important elements that prompt sales.

MMBA Module 8

What role does this play and which platforms should you use? Plus how.

MMBA Module Nine

There's nothing like getting your first orders from people you don't know!

MMBA Module 10

Opening for business is a cause for celebration - get the most out of this event.

MMBA Module Eleven

You can't grow if you're only bringing in new customers. Repeat sales are key.

MMBA Module Twelve

The world around us changes. What to watch for so you stay relevant.

Brick & Mortar Bonus

Specifics of how to find the right location, manage leases and set up a physical shop.

Baking & Sweets Bonus

Consumable products require special licences and other considerations.

Expert Interviews

Professional advice on a wide range of topics that support the module content.


Monthly office hours! Once you sign up for Makers MBA, you are eligible to attend these calls.
Get your questions answered and guidance specifically related to the content of the program.

These calls are open to all Makers MBA students past and present.

“From the very initial plan to the final setup and opening to the public. It was perfectly done. Step by step, with time to try and then have questions answered. I felt so supported and encouraged. I feel that now I can do whatever I put my mind to, because I think of our meetings and your words and the camaraderie.”

Ximena Bervejillo, Entralanas Designs

“It makes me so happy! Makers MBA taught me many things I never thought of when I started in 2019. A lot of this was super new to me and now I know all the factors that play a role out there. I really needed someone to guide me and show me the options. I love your content and training.”

Sophy Lakshmanan, Miss Paper Craft

14 Day Guarantee

Makers MBA is the single resource you need
if you're serious about turning your business dream
into reality, without wasting time, money and
emotional energy stressing over exactly what to do.

At the end of the 14 day period, even if you're on the payment plan, you'll have completed the first 4 Modules.
You'll have identified clear business goals and exactly what it is that makes your company stand out among all others.
You'll have done all this BEFORE making a final commitment to the full Makers MBA program.

If you don't feel energized and excited about your progress and your ability to confidently start a profitable business,
simply get in touch with me and show that you've done the work included in the program to date, and I'll refund your investment. 

Full details can be viewed here.

Join Makers MBA Today!

Makers MBA Value

When you add it all up, that's a total value of $8,800!
(a bargain when you consider you're starting a business worth many times more than this)

... BUT ...

I'm so passionate about this, and truly want to see you start a business that will enrich your life, provide for your family and pave the way for your future, that I'm offering you the opportunity to become a part of Makers MBA for much less than this.

Two Options to Pay - Both at the Low Price of $750


  • Full access to all modules, downloads and expert interviews immediately.
  • Dive in to your most pressing topic right away. Perfect if you already have an established business and know the area you'd like to impact first.
  • Go back and fill in the gaps to strengthen your business as time allows.
  • Option to join MMBA VIP after 6 weeks (see below)
  • ONE TIME PAYMENT of $750
Sign Up Here


  • Modules, downloads and expert interviews released over a 6-week period.
  • Go through the program in a manageable and non-overwhelming way so you don't miss an important step to building a solid business.
  • You retain money to invest in other areas as you get your business started and it begins to support itself.
  • Option to join MMBA VIP after 90 days (see below)
Sign Up Here


The MMBA VIP option is an exclusive opportunity open only to Makers MBA students. It's a weekly (recorded) group coaching program offering ongoing support and guidance based off the trainings presented in Makers MBA and expanding into support to achieve your current business goals. More details on the program are provided after you've completed the Makers MBA course but if you'd like to talk about it earlier as you consider Makers MBA, please email me at sue@suemonhait.com to discuss.

"Joining Makers MBA was on of the best decisions I have ever made."

"I had been part of several other programs and I had a bit of hesitation, but within the first few weeks, I realized this one was very different. Sue is so supportive and never made me feel like just another number. It felt extremely personal and like she truly cared about our success. Unlike other programs ...

Monica Fay

... she also makes it super easy and I never felt overwhelmed with information. It has made all the difference in the world and has allowed me to make great career advancements and has enabled me to hit my target goals. Thank you so much, Sue, for developing this wonderful program!"

Monica Fay, Monica Fay Designs

“I found the information valuable for improving and realigning my business. The fact that I could work at my own pace was ideal. Not only is the course easy to follow, there is an amazing amount of information outside of the course curriculum and the support through Q&A sessions and the ability to reach Sue with questions when needed was extremely helpful.”

Sharon Martin, Smart in Heart

Sharon Martin - Smart in Heart
Kim Terrill - Kim's Cottage Confections

“Makers MBA is not just for new business owners. I've owned my baking and sweets business for over 25 years. This program introduced me to new ways to manage my business and grow my customer base with ideas that are easy to implement. I highly recommend this program!”

Kim Terrill, Kim's Cottage Confections

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my business up and running?
That is entirely up to you. It depends on where you are with the creation of your business at the time you enter into the program and also the amount of time you can devote to going throught the steps. The program is structured so that you can progress at your own pace and the information is not time restricted. It remains relevant no matter when you want to start or how quickly you advance. This is a program you'll be able to resource time and time again as your business develops.

How long do I have access to Makers MBA
Once you have enrolled and your program has been delivered, you'll be able to access it at any time now and in the future. The only requirement is that you are in good standing if you are investing in Makers MBA through an offered payment plan.

What is the Makers MBA Community?
An extremely valuable part of the Makers MBA program is the access you'll have to others going through the course too. A community of like-minded people is priceless. You'll be exposed to others' questions, some of which you may not have thought of yourself. This will be available in the Q&A sessions if you've selected this option.

What is your cancellation policy?
Makers MBA 2022 comes with a 14-Day Guarantee. At the 14 day mark, if you feel the program isn't a fit, you'll be asked to provide copies of the work done to date. We'll have completed Module 4 and you will be well on the way with a registered business - risk management in place and a solid position within your product industry. If you're not satisfied after you've done this work, then a full refund will gladly be provided.

What are my payment options?
All major credit cards and paypal are accepted. Additionally, you have the option of a one time purchase or paying over a 3-month period.

I don't know anything about starting a business. Is this really for me?
This is exactly for you! That is why I created it. I understand that creative people know everything about the development of their product. You know the materials and techniques, you have the skills and equipment to produce a beautiful or delicious result. Why would have have ever needed to know about business? Until now!

I already have a business. Why should I invest in this?
If you already have an established business, you may not need this course. But if you have any question about whether you've covered all your bases when you first began, or if your business has stalled and you just aren't able to get to the next level - whatever that is for you - then you will find the answer to regain traction and move forward in this program.

I have a full time job that I plan to continue. Can I do this on the side?
Absolutely! A successful business means different things to different people. For some it's quitting their 9-5 and replacing it with a business that can support the family. For others it's a business that will fund a spring break trip each year or to have extra monthly income. Each of these are successes. It's your vision becoming a reailty ... not anyone else's.

What happens after I enroll?
Once you enroll you'll be sent information to access your unique member account. An email will be sent giving you the schedule of modules releases. You'll also get emails about the monthly office hour times. If you selected the Fast Track option, all modules and downloads will be available when the program begins. All released content is accessible 24/7.

Perfect for you if ...

If you say "yes" to any of the following statements, then this program is a perfect fit and you can be on the way to getting your business started and making money in no time!

Were you nodding your head in agreement as you read through this list? If so, I can't wait to begin working with you inside Makers MBA and watch your business blossom!  

I'm a business owner, podcaster and best selling author. I have over 30 years experience working with hundred of big brands, multi-chain stores, small boutiques and online retailers to strategically position and strengthen their businesses.

I've also started two profitable businesses of my own. Makers MBA is the documentation of my system so I can share the process and help you start a profitable business too. But it's not enough to just start a business. You need to make money for it to be sustainable and lead to a life you love. We need to keep our eye on that!

My passion and devotion is focused on an audience I lovingly call Gifters-Bakers-Crafters-Makers. Come join me and be a part of this amazing group of creators. 

Sue Monhait - Oval

“Sue is a brilliant business woman. She is generous in sharing her expertise and asks pointed questions to guide and align your dream to reality. Sue’s wealth of knowledge is extremely valuable. I highly recommend this course – you will learn from Sue – guaranteed!”

Cathy Nolan, Cathy Nolan Art

"Since we met 12 years ago, Sue’s knowledge and expertise continues to help me grow my business exponentially. Through this awesome program, she once again is helping like-minded business crafters avoid struggles and pitfalls. I wish I had this program years ago. It has saved me hours of grief."

Anita Housman, Treasured Touch

"As an artist with multiple businesses, I know the importance of setting up a solid foundation. Knowing what to do and not do can make or break a business. Sue is not only a knowledgeable and passionate leader and teacher in this space, she is also very compassionate with her guidance. She gets you!"

Sue B Zimmerman, The Instagram Expert

Still Thinking?

I want to make sure you have all the information you need to make a decision that’s right for you.

If you'd like to jump on a call to discuss your current position and whether you're a fit for Makers MBA, you can schedule a time right here.  

I’m looking forward to starting this very exciting and rewarding journey with you!

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