Handmaking comes from the soul and involves reflection, passion, and talent.
The final creation provides happiness for both the maker and its recipient ...
something our world needs more of and continually seeks.

We'll be honoring Handmade Makers all month. Here's how you can join in the celebration:

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National Bakers Crafters Makers Day | Handmade Heals the World
Number 1

General ways to support
your fellow handmade creators:

1. Call a friend and tell them how much you like their creations. A compliment goes a long way.

2. Think of handmade product creators when you have a gift to give. It will be all the more special for its uniqueness.

3. Purchase products from small businesses that make their own products. There is a family behind the logo who relies on this income for part or all of their needs.

4. If you’re a maker, support another maker through purchasing their product or just reaching out to tell them they’ve inspired you or motivated you to do something you’d never thought of before.

5. If you’re part of a group, like a quilting guild, do something special to highlight each other. Or start a special charity project in honor of your organization to pay it forward.

6. As a handmade maker, do something special for yourself today. Maybe actually USE your product that you work so hard for others to enjoy.

7. Recognize overall that handmade products are how our more comfortable life and sense of community began … small villages of crafters making garments for warmth, jewelry for adornment, tools of all kinds to make tasks easier. Granted, we’re more sophisticated now, but the passion for unique handcrafted items lives on.

Number 2

Highlight YOUR Charitable Events

Makers by nature are also givers. You're generous in many ways and we want to highlight that!

To do so, here are two cateories of "Giving" where you can share your activities. By including your charitable acts here, you'll inspire others to do the same and get eyes on an organization/cause that is dear to you.


National Bakers Crafters Makers Day - Dollars Arrow


If you donate financially to a cause through your handmade products, let's share that news. It can be proceeds from all or a select product that you sell, an event you put on that raises funds for an organization, or any other creative activity that raises money.

Submit your information through the link below and you'll be included on our Dollars Donated activity form. It's free and gives you and your selected charity a shoutout!

Submit Your Info Here
See Dollars Donated
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Not all donations are financially based. We also give our time, skills and donated products. If you have a project that gives back to the community through handmade, let's share it with others. Senior center projects, handmade offerings to orphanages, etc.

Submit your information through the link below and you'll be included on our Gifts of Kindness activity form. It's free and gives you and your selected charity a shoutout!

Number 3

January 21 Festivities

Select what's right for you! There are programs and events happening both on the Gift Biz Unwrapped Facebook Page and also within the Gift Biz Breeze Facebook Group. Join in on one - or all!


On the Gift Biz Unwrapped Facebook Page we'll be streaming free value-packed sessions on January 21 covering self-care, gifting tips, entertaining and more. Just tune in during the scheduled time and make sure to share!

National Bakers Crafters Makers Day | Gift Biz Unwrapped Party

The Show Schedule - all times listed are CST (Central Standard)

9:00 - 9:20 - How to Make a Perfect Pie Crust - Adrian's Boutique
10:00 - 10:20 - Crafting Kindness Yoga Class - The Kindness Machine
11:00 -11:20 -
Meditation & Breath Work - Visa Shanmugam
1:00 - 1:20 - Gift Wrapping - The Hershey Gifting Company
- 3:20 - Hips & Salsa - Arthur Murray Dance Studios
5:00 - 5:20 - Hey Girl Let's Journal - Monica Fay Creative Studio

Download a more detailed description of the free classes.

Join us live so you can participate in the comments. After it airs, you can watch it at your own convience over on the Gift Biz Unwrapped Facebook Page.


If you're interested or already have a business involving your handmade products, we have additional ways to celebrate over in our Gift Biz Breeze Facebook Group.

It's a private group but available for anyone. Click the link below if you'd like to join us there.

National Bakers Crafters Makers Day | Gift Biz Breeze Party

Done for You Resources

We've made it easy for you to promote yourself in conjunction with our special day and spread the word about the value of handmade.

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Show your participation and support of handmade creators
by using these stickers on social media posts, in your emails or
even on your website.

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Graphics and scripts for you to use on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Use as is or add your own spin to make it refelct your brand and personality.

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Let's drive attention to you. Here's a ready made fill-in-the-blank press release with directions on how you can reach out to your local media to get visibility.

Get National Bakers Crafters Makers Day
"Handmade Heals the World" Products

Share and take pride in your support of National Bakers Crafters Makers Day

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All proceeds from National Bakers Crafter Makers Day products goes to support the
Keep Swimming Foundation.

Handmade Product Memories
Tell us about a handmade memory that has left a special mark on your heart. Reflecting back on these items and relationships does your heart good - as does reading about others' experiences.

To share your memory, email sue@suemonhait.com and you'll be included in the memory listing.

National Bakers Crafters Makers Day Handmade Memories Section Break

"I made a paper flower wreath for my daughter-in-laws for their wedding showers. They also saved them to hang again for their First Anniversary (paper). I've also made them for friend's daughters! I recently had one of them send me a pic of hers that she still hangs on her nightstand. She said she loved it. It made me feel valued ..."

- Diane Behnen

"My favorite handmade gift was given to me when I was 7. My late mother game me a dollhouse with handmade dolls, food she crafted out of polymer clay, and furniture she built all to look like Little House on the Prairie. I no longer have the house but I have all the pieces that she made - down to the accurate, handstuffed feather bed mattresses ... I still love it."

- Sarah McBridge Wagner

"I learned leather craft as a kid as a 4-H project. Certainly remember setting around the kitchen table with my besties, learning from their mother. We giggled and joked as we just kept hammering out our coasters or whatever was our project for the year. For me it evolved into a hoby that stuck adn a side business. Still love giggling with those girls."

- Molly Armstrong

"My mother made my halloween costumes. I treasure all of them (even the ones that don't fit any more!), but my favourite was a beautiful medieval gown with a crushed velvet cape. She used a pair of old curtains for the cape, transforming an (admittedly ugly) piece of fabric into a sweeping overgown with dagged sleeves and hand-embroidered celtic knots. It's my favourite accessory."

- FlitterMouse Artwork & Oddities

"I have a beautiful handmade quilt that two of my dad's sisters made me for my wedding in 1984. I had it on my bed for many years and then moved iit to the family room and kept it over the back of the couch for snuggle up when watching TV. Unfortunately I didn't realize that the sun beating down on it for a couple of years would make the material start to deteriorate so now it's put aside and unused but I still cherish it. "

- Deana Fisher

"My handmade treasure is a Christmas tree skirt that my grandmother made. It is a combination of embroidery and needlepoint. I use it every Christmas and treasure it always. She was very creative and I've been told I do many things like her."

- Catherine Tatum

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Meet the 2022 National Bakers Crafters Makers Day Committee

We can achieve more together. Here's the group of ladies who made the celebration this year possible.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sue xox

Sue Monhait - Gift Biz Unwrapped
Sophy Lakshmanan, Miss Paper Craft
Anita Housman
Lashawn Barnes
Monica Fey

Sue Monhait

Sophy Lakshmann

Anita Housman

Lashawn Barnes

Monica Fay


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