Wondering if now's the time ...

to start making $ money $ from your handmade crafts?

With all eyes turning to online shopping,

your opportunity has never been greater. But how?

Facebook has recently introduced a new version of Facebook Shops that presents a HUGE opportunity for you RIGHT NOW.

But, with most things Facebook, it's confusing with lots of hidden parts and pieces to figure out. So I've done all the hard and frustrating work and take you step by step through setting up your Facebook Shop.

Not only that ... it's one thing to get your shop up and running, but how do you attract customers to buy? Got you covered there too!

Set Up and Sell in Facebook Shops
I already want in - only $27!

This may all sound great but you're thinking ...

Hourglass - Pink

"My days are jam packed already, where would I find the time?"

I get that and I find the most time consuming thing is figuring out how to do something. It's a tremendous time waster and you don't even know if you'll actually get it right in the end. That's why I've done that work for you.

Money Bag Green

"I don't have extra money laying around to invest right now."

You don't need extra money. Starting your Facebook Shop is FREE and it gives you the channel to make money that you can then invest in starting and growing your business. It's a great place to begin for this reason.

Laptop - Brown

"Tech trips me up and I don't know anything about running an online shop."

There's a lot to figure out about running a biz. That's true. I'm impressed with how Facebook has taken care of all the hard integration so you can get right to selling your products. I can't wait to show you how.

... and if you haven't started your business yet - guess what?!?

What you don't need

all you do need is

Your Desire and Willingness to Act

Introducing: Set Up and Sell in Facebook Shops - just $27!

This is your step by step tutorial to go from having only a personal account on Facebook, to being able to sell your handmade products ... in just one week's time!

I've structured the information to be a 5-Day Challenge but you can speed up or slow down based on your needs.

Just think - you can go from dreaming about making money to actually doing it in just a few days!

Set Up and Sell on Devices
Getting the first sale
CLICK HERE and let's set up your Facebook Shop

Can we chat as friends here for a minute?

I've talked with so many women who make unbelieveable products and have been thinking for years about starting their own business. Yet they don't.

I get it. Life gets in the way. The challenges of time, money and training are explanations of why it can't happen. But is this really true? How can others with the same restrictions get up and running with their business?

It's scary, you may not know the first steps to take ... and that's why I'm here. You don't have to do this alone. Ever.

Sue Monhait - Gift Biz Unwrapped

And Facebook Shops offers you an amazing opportunity to start selling your products right now, before you even have a formal business established! That way you can "test the waters" and then proceed to setting up your business. Bonus - you'll have additional money to work with!

So I ask you - if not now - when? The holidays are coming and people are looking for new gift ideas. If you're like most of my students, you want to share what you make with the world. It's a gift that works both ways, you start living your dream and others get to experience your creations.

I hope you decide it's your time to make your dream come true!

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Here's a rundown of the Set Up and Sell Course

Follow my day by day walkthrough or do it at your own pace. It's up to you.

Prep and Plan

DAY ONE - Prep and Planning

Everything goes so much smoother when you have "all the things" at the ready as you need them.

Have you ever had to stop progessing with something you were excited about because you didn't have that one piece of information necessary? Then something else takes priority and you never get back to it? Not with this program.

You'll be able to glide through each step with ease and not only make the process enjoyable, but quick and efficient!

DAY TWO - Setting Up Your Facebook Page

STOP! Even if you think you have your Facebook Business Page set up properly, let's confirm that it truly is.

I ran this challenge in my FB group, Gift Biz Breeze, before sharing it publically and many came back saying they weren't set up correctly and never knew it. Let's make sure that doesn't happen to you. Or fix it if necessary - no worries it happens to many.

We also review correct imagery for your profile and cover photo along with how to ensure they display correctly on desktop and mobile.

Set Up FB Page
Set Up FB Shop

DAY THREE - Setting Up Your Facebook Shop

Next it's time to set up shop! What happens if you have an old Facebook Shop? How do you start from scratch?

I go through step by step, screen by screen (including all the hidden links that could trip you up) to walk you through shop set up.

I tell you what to do if you've never sold anything before, how to determine your tax category and more. We also talk about the options that come up at certain points so you can decide what's right for you.

DAY FOUR - The Order Fulfillment Process

One of the best things about Facebook Shops is the clear streamlined order processing system.

We look at it from both sides: YOU as the one filling the order and your CUSTOMER so you can see how professionally your shop is presented by FB based on what they see in email confirmations and order tracking. A bonus so people come back and buy from you again.

Never shipped anything before? No problem here either. Facebook includes both an internal checkout system and shipping labels.

Filling Orders
Selling in FB Shops

DAY FIVE - How to Sell in Facebook Shops

You've for sure hear this saying, "Build it and they will come." You also probably know it's not true. This is the downfall of many.

Whether it's a website, Etsy shop or social media channel - you have to tell people it's there! And that's only the starting point to getting them to buy.

We'll go through the specific actions that will get people seeing your Facebook Shop and wanting to buy specifically from you. Some of these strategies are specific to Facebook Shops but many apply to all online sales platforms too. Bonus!

What's included:

  • 5 Videos showing the process step by step along with explanations and examples
  • 5 Downloads of the slides by day for easy note taking
  • 5 Notes and Updates for each section as Facebook continues to expand the program
  • Live Q&A sessions to get your specific questions answered
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Gifter Baker Crafter Maker Businesses

Let's go over some of the questions you may have about the course:

Does it have to take 5 days for me to set up my Facebook Shop?
Nope! If you'd like to move through the days faster, by all means do so! Just give each step the attention it's due to ensure your shop is set up properly and that you don't run into glitches in the subsequent days.

How much time do I need to set aside each day?
The videos are between 15 and 30 minutes. Then actual work on your end is up to you - what you have at hand already and how many products you load into your shop. Best guess average is an additional 30 minutes to 2 hours on the longest day.

What if life gets in the way and I get behind on a day's work?
Even though I call this course a challenge, you can go through the days at your own pace. You can even start the program the minute you get it. The days just put some structure to the program and advance you though so it's not overwhelming. You could literally do the entire program in one solid day.

Is there support if I get stuck?
Come join us in the Facebook Group - Gift Biz Breeze where I do Q&As twice a week. You can ask your questions there and get support from me and others in the community who have gone through this challenge too.

I have never sold my products before so is a Facebook Shop for me?
This is the biggest reason I put together the challenge. It's a great opportunity for you to see what it will be like to run a business. AND to experience the thrill of seeing sales come in without overinvesting before you know if it's going to work out. Once you've gotten results, you will be energized to move forward and formally start your business.

I already have a business and a shop on Etsy. Do I need a Facebook Shop?
Having a variety of income channels puts you in the strongest position. Each sales platform has a different audience meaning your products will be shown to different people - and that means new customers. You're also not at the mercy of one source changing the rules and limiting your visibility and sales. Multiple ways to bring in sales online is a good thing!

Have another question? Feel free to email me at sue@suemonhait.com

Sue Monhait - Set Up and Sell

Hi there, I'm Sue

In case we don't know each other, let me share a few things so you feel comfortable that you're in the right place.

I've worked in strategic business development for over 25 years. My corporate life is where I got my footing. I consulted in literally hundreds of businesses from boutique shops to big brands you know, like McDonalds, Osco Drug, Main Street (now Kohl's) and more.

Then I decided to go off on my own. I've since started 3 multi-six-figure businesses. Two are up and running today. One is a product based biz and the other is coaching, online training and speaking.

I work with women who want to turn their hobby or craft into a profitable business. You may have listened to my podcast (Gift Biz Unwrapped) or are part of my Facebook Group (Gift Biz Breeze.)

I adore those who are part of my community. I lovingly call them my gifters-bakers-crafters-makers. If you're a handmade product maker you fit right in!

Access Set Up and Sell on any device for easy reference

Set Up and Sell on Devices
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