What if starting your handmade product business could be fun and exciting instead of stressful and scary? 


That sounds amazing - How?


Do you want to turn your handmade product into a profitable business . . .

but wonder if it's really possible for YOU?

What if you could ...


  • Set yourself up for success before risking time and money
  • Know you're on the right track so you can >>>
  • Go after your dream full of optimism and confidence!

That's where

"Start with Confidence" 

comes in

Ensure that there's a market for your product


Confirm that it will sell at a price that brings in money so you can start and grow a business.

Here's what's included:

Learn which product of all the things you make is the right one to start a biz.

Identify and confirm the correct price for your product.

Choose from 3 Testing Options to validate your product and market.

Learn the Do's and Don'ts of interacting with your customers. 

Capture valuable knowledge from your audience that most people miss.  

Determine next steps based on your results.




Hi! I'm a business owner, podcast host, speaker, educator and best-selling author for the community I call, “Gifters-Bakers-Crafters-Makers” – people who create beautiful and/or delicious products that they want to share with the world. Maybe that's you!

Through Gift Biz Unwrapped I provide free and paid business development and growth direction through a weekly podcast and programs including this one and my signature course, Makers MBA.  

Additional resources found on Amazon are my book Maker To Master: Find and Fix What’s Not Working in Your Small Business and the Inspired! Daily Planner.  

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